Même la racaille du Kazakhstan s’y met :

spam de Russes Nauka-Svyaz Ivanovo network
pour le domaine  TOO Yuzhnyi Centr pr. Abaya 42/44 Almaty Kazakhstan Republic

Hi. My name is Katya. I was registered on a site to find love. when I was registered to me send the letter from about love in a life is such unusual thing…. And find love by own strength it is very difficult, therefore I have decided  search the love by agency  and I have specified  characteristics of person which I search, which will be necessary to me as I necessary to him. And have agreed with me, they have found your profile, it has best approached under my criteria of inquiry. I write you, and I hope very much  for your answer now.
Please write on my personal e-mail:
I believe in destiny, that your profile has got not casually to me.
I send  handwritten letter to you also for seriously, please read it, I believe that you will like my letter written by hand. Bye.




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